Bara-no-izumi Women’s Clinic – Matsuyama

A rose garden in the middle of the birth clinic thanks to the curtain design.

  • Object

    Bara-no-izumi Women’s Clinic, Matsuyama city, ehime prefecture, Japan

  • Concept

    Architect Junzo Kuroda at Junzo Kuroda ATELIER, Tokyo, Japan

  • Photo

    Takumi Ota, Tokyo, Japan

Starting Point
A new birth clinic was constructed on the site of a previous rose garden.

Modelled on the former rose garden, Création Baumann’s digital printing ROSE VOILE with rose design was selected. The flowery but not tacky design gives the room the impression of a rose garden year-round. It harmonises perfectly with the simple architecture.

Expecting mothers and mothers with newborns meet in this wonderfully harmonious room to spend some downtime.

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