Lincoln Center David Geffen Hall – New York City

Crafted textiles for an enchanting ambiance: The energy-efficient curtain of David Geffen Hall.

  • Object

    Lincoln Center David Geffen Hall, New York, USA

  • Concept

    Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, New York, USA | Erik Bruce Creative Studio, New York,USA

  • Photos

    Elena Grey Photography

Starting Point
The New York Philharmonic was originally built in 1962, and to this day remains one of the crown jewels of New York’s cultural scene. In 2022 it underwent a major renovation, with Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects reimagining the public spaces as an inviting, warm, and glamorous «living room» for New York City.

Among the many finishes incorporated into this renovation was a custom drape imagined and brought to life by Création Baumann for Carnegie. This curtain fabric was hand stitched with thousands of gold-coloured paillettes on both sides of the fabric and provides exceptional heat and glare control, helping the building operate more efficiently and optimise heating and cooling costs. This custom curtain fabric is a specially developed, transparent base material with a unique 31.8cm S-fold (12.5-inch ), giving the curtain a distinctive touch that seamlessly integrates into the renovation’s design concept.

Curtain fabrics by Création Baumann Reference Sheet


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