Curtain fabrics

The variety of our curtain fabrics – from classics to modern textiles – opens up unimaginable possibilities in creative interior design. You can create an interplay of light, shape and colour as you wish with the curtain fabrics from Création Baumann.

Vorhangstoffe - Vorhang transparent- Création Baumann

Curtain fabrics – from transparent to opaque

The curtain fabrics from Création Baumann add a new dimension to playing with spaces and views. They bring texture and flexibility into interior design, focussing increasingly on more openness. With atmospheric colours and modern prints, special weaves and innovative materials, there are no limits to your creativity.
Vorhangstoffe - Vorhang transparent - Création Baumann

Transparent and semi-transparent curtain fabrics

Transparent and semi-transparent curtain fabrics from Création Baumann provide effective visual protection in a room – without closing it off completely. At the same time, they play an important role in interior design.
«Discretion or visibility: Our variety of curtain fabrics opens up new dimensions in interior design.»
Vorhangstoffe - Vorhang dicht - Création Baumann

Opaque curtain fabrics

Opaque curtain fabrics from Création Baumann ensure discretion and well-being in a timeless design. Our extensive range of high-quality textiles offers you attractive solutions for protecting your private space.

Custom-made products

Customise your textiles even more: Many of our products are available in special sizes as well as customised colours and digital prints.

Specials and digital prints


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