MDC Loft – Berlin

Colourful transformation of a Berlin loft with Acoustic Divider Vario.

LORD IV 0186
  • Object

    MDC Loft, Berlin, Germany

  • Concept

    AAS Gonzalez Haase, Judith Haase, Berlin, Germany | Raumkontor Zielke& Vogel, Berlin, Germany

  • Photos

    Andreas Gehrke, Berlin, Germany

Starting Point
The MDC Loft Berlin is a large loft with a charming historical flair. In a partially developed old building with plank floors and plasterboard ceilings, the challenge was to transform the spacious space into two separate multifunctional treatment cabins, ideal for a variety of beauty and spa treatments.

The challenges at the MDC Loft Berlin were successfully overcome by the expert implementation of Raumkontor Zielke&Vogel. The spacious loft was converted into two separate treatment cabins, while retaining the historic charm of the old building. To create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, ACOUSTIC DIVIDER VARIO with Noiseblocker and LORD and SPORT were used to acoustically separate the rooms. In addition, the colour scheme of the rooms was inspired by the bright colours of canaries. This gives the cabins a refreshing and lively atmosphere.

  • SPORT II 0213
  • LORD IV 0188
    LORD IV 0186

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