New Museum’s Media Hub – New York

Thanks to the transparent curtains, the room can be visually divided and the open floor plan can still be maintained.

  • Object

    New Museum’s Media Hub, New York, USA

  • Concept

    Christoff Finio Architecture, New York / Erik Bruce for Mary Bright Inc.

  • Photos

    Christopher Lovi

Starting Point
Christoff Finio’s project was chosen for the Media Hub because it makes it possible to divide the much-used room but to nevertheless preserve the open floor plan.

Together with Christoff Fina Architecture, Erik Bruce of Mary Bright Inc. Designed and developed the room-dividing curtains.
Every individual curtain is put together out of two different colors of the curtain fabric «Malta». The moiré effect created by the overlapping coats of nets visually divides the large space into individual rooms.

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