The Japanese Galleries, The British Museum – London

As part of the renovation of the British Museum, all textiles in the display cases were replaced. Thanks to excellent test results and the similarity to silk, Palazzo was chosen.

Test 1
  • Object

    The japanese galleries, british museum, London,GB

  • Concept

    Studio A, London / Karl Abeyasekera, London

  • Photos

    Photographs by Permission of the Trustees of the British Museum

Starting Point
The renewal of some of the galleries at the British Museum was the opportunity to stage a new way to display permanent artefacts.
Consequently, all textiles were replaced in the display cases. This situation called for products that where pollutant free and aesthetically complimenting the theme of the exhibit.

Thanks to compliance in test results for «Oddy Test» for conservation use and in addition the resemblance of look and feel to raw silk this textile was selected for the glass case lining.

Oddy-tested textiles Reference Sheet


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