New Work pilot area at EMAG

Textile acoustic solution, room divider and colorful eye-catcher all in one.

Modern office interior design with yellow LORD curtains from Création Baumann for acoustic optimization and room separation.
  • Object

    EMAG GmbH & Co. KG, Salach Germany

  • Concept

    vitra, Weil am Rhein, Germany Studio HANS, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Photos

    Studio Orel, Stuttgart, Germany

Starting Point
At the headquarters of EMAG GmbH & Co. KG in Salach near Göppingen, different spatial structures are united under one roof. The «Synspace» was set up in a pilot area, a project landscape whose flexibility supports New Work working methods.

New Work is a holistic approach that deals with a new understanding of the way we work. This includes a great deal of flexibility, freedom and spontaneity, which should also be reflected in the workplace. Here curtains with LORD are not only used as visual room divider but also to ensure that these demands can be met in terms of acoustics: they provide improved room acoustics and also allow the individual parts of the room to be acoustically separated from each other. This flexible zoning solution can be used, for example, to create quiet islands for concentrated work or meeting points for spontaneous discussions.

Reference Sheet
  • Office situation with yellow LORD curtains to separate rooms.
  • Two different views of the office space utilization through the possible room zoning with the yellow curtains.
  • Moderne Büroeinrichtung mit gelben LORD Vorhängen von Création Baumann für Akustikoptimierung und Raumtrennung.
    LORD IV 0167

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