Office Dietzenbach

Best practice in our own office.

  • Object

    Office Dietzenbach – Création Baumann, Germany

  • Concept

    Die Planstelle GmbH, Monika Berghammer, Eva Temper

  • Photo

    Roland Troll, Hermann Koepf

Starting point
The Création Baumann subsidiary in Dietzenbach was remodelled to create an inspiring office environment that meets the needs of the employees. The aim was to create an environment that encourages collaboration while representing the brand and the variety of functional solutions.

The office space was extensively remodelled, introducing an intelligent track system that allows the flexible use of different curtain qualities. Various acoustic fabrics such as PRINTACOUSTIC MOUNTAIN were used to optimise the room acoustics, while anti-glare and heat-insulating fabrics such as SHELTER were fitted to the windows.
Acoustic panels, ACOUSTIC WALL COVER and ACOUSTIC COLOR FIELDS with CAVALLO PIU were integrated to further improve the room acoustics. Upholstery fabrics such as ARIK and AREZZO were also used to accentuate the colour of the room and achieve a harmonious design. In addition, the Quint-It glass cube with ALPHACOUSTIC was integrated to create a separate and quiet working atmosphere.
Acoustic solutions such as the ACOUSTIC STRIPES were implemented not only to enable a flexible room layout, but also to ensure targeted control of the room acoustics. The use of the ACOUSTIC DIVIDER VARIO with NoiseSilencer with LORD and UMBRIA also helps to create quiet zones in the rooms and thus increase the well-being of the employees.

Acoustic solutions Textiles for glare and heat protection Reference Sheet
  • SPARK 0311
  • SHELTER 0109
  • Zu sehen ist ein Büro, das mit dem Alu Net Vorhang von Création Baumann akustisch und optisch abgetrennt wurde.
    ALU NET 0103
  • Zu sehen ist ein Büro, das mit dem Acoustic Divider Vario Trennvorhang akustisch und optisch abgetrennt wurde. Ausserdem sind an der Wand Akustikpaneele von Création Baumann zu sehen.
    LORD IV 0190
  • AREZZO IV 0363
  • SOLIO 0278
  • UMBRIA IV 0203
  • LORD IV 0190

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