Private residence – Kamakura

Escaping the scarce housing situation in Japan’s big cities.

SPECTRA V -12.7CM 0001
  • Object

    Private residence, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

  • Concept

    Hidenori & Eri Yoshizato, Yoshizato Design Architects, Tokyo, Japan

  • Photos

    Satoshi Shigeta, Japan

Starting Point
Due to the hectic pace of life in Japan’s big cities and the scarcity of living space, the creation of openness and tranquillity was a priority in this house. The rooms are characterised by their generosity and the brightness provided by the large windows.

The SPECTRA vertical blinds were used generously in the various rooms. They convince with their simple design and the barely visible suspension. In this way, they fit harmoniously into the room situation and offer excellent privacy protection as desired.

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