School for Design – Basel

Gecko Crypta provides privacy without reducing light transmission. This means that the rooms separated by a glass wall can be used in different ways.

  • Object

    School for Design, Basel, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Hermann Baur, Hans Peter Baur, Franz Bräunig, and Arthur Dürig, Basel

  • Photos

    Rolf Frei, Weil am Rhein

Starting Point
The Mason’s Hall of the former Vocational School of Basel were redesigned and transformed into two distinct rooms, separated by a glass partition. The lively cafeteria area thereby conflicted with the lecture and examination area.

Création Baumann’s Gecko Crypta proved to be the ideal solution. This durable adhesive fabric offers reliable privacy assurance as well as being diaphanous – and the fleece structure emphasizes the character of the concrete building.

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