Spa at Hotel Victoria Jungfrau – Interlaken

Artfully arranged panel curtains create a harmonious ambience in the entrance area of the spa.

  • Object

    Sensai select Spa / Kanebo Cosmetics inc at Hotel Victoria Jungfrau, Interlaken, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Gwenael Nicolas, Curiosity, Tokyo / Isaku Kashioka, Curiosity, Tokyo

Starting Point
Kanebo sensai select spa, is the first Kanebo spa housed in a 5-star hotel. The central values of the Japanese brand were to be reflected by the interior design.

The room is partitioned and emerged into gentle light thanks to the use of panel curtains at varying levels. Visitors pass through a dark corridor in order to enter into the light spa. This puts them in the right mindset, i.e. leaving the world outside behind, layer after layer, until they can focus completely and solely on their bodies and minds.
The waiting area in the center of the room is a «cocoon», an oasis of calm.

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