Theatre Hall BFS – Basel

Transforming a 60s school theatre hall into an inner-city public venue through colour accents.

  • Object

    Theatre Hall (BFS) Basel, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Architecture and Interior design: MET Architects Basel

  • Photos

    Ruedi Walti, Basel

Starting Point
In the renovation of the theatre hall of the Basel Vocational School, MET Architects transformed the inner-city venue for a broad public. The original colour scheme in shades of grey could not meet the demands of a public and contemporary theatre and was redesigned. At the same time, the outdated building fabric and functional equipment had to be revised and adapted.
In the future, the theatre hall of the vocational school should be available for surrounding schools and extracurricular events with up to 400 people.

Through a new colour scheme, a new choice of materials and a minimum of structural intervention, the existing concept was reinterpreted and transformed into a contemporary theatre atmosphere. The targeted addition of a few wall pieces and a light-proof curtain, which fits the concept in terms of colour, were integrated into the modernised overall image. With the renovation, the school theatre was transformed into an inner-city venue for a broad public.

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