Room zoning made in Switzerland

Création Baumann presents new textile solutions for room zoning, made in Switzerland.

Designing multifunctional rooms

For some time now, Création Baumann has been focusing on the growing trend towards multifunctional rooms. The Swiss textile specialist is now expanding its range of acoustically effective textiles to include high-quality plain fabrics that allow rooms to be zoned effortlessly and according to requirements. As a global market leader for textile acoustic solutions, Création Baumann is committed to sustainable production in Switzerland. The fabrics LORD and KENT are produced entirely in the company’s own factory in Langenthal – from design and yarn development to weaving and dyeing.

«Modern offices need flexible design. Textiles as room dividers offer an ideal solution for quickly adapting environments.»
Eliane Ernst, Product Manager of Création Baumann

From yarn to fabric: the development of KENT

A new addition to the portfolio is the fabric KENT, which is characterised by a three-dimensional structure with a knitted look and a special volume. Mottled weft yarn and a special spinning process create the grainy texture of the colour-intensive overdyed fabric. Like LORD, KENT was developed in Switzerland and is woven and dyed in Langenthal from 100% yarns spun in Europe, thus fulfilling all requirements for sustainable product quality and timeless design. KENT is available in a width of 300 cm. The coordinated colourways of KENT and LORD open up sophisticated combination possibilities.

Textile developments and fresh colours: LORD

The classic LORD, with its strong aesthetic and tactile character, is made entirely in Langenthal and has a sound absorption value of around 70%, making it ideal for acoustic zoning. The dense curtain fabric gets its fine mottle and typical structure from a combination of voluminous yarns in the warp and a textured weft. Spun in light and dark nuances, they create an expressive depth of colour when overdyed. The extensive colour palette has now been expanded to include warm greys and shades ranging from pistachio to cadmium yellow and marsala red.
«We are very proud to still produce in our own factory in Langenthal today. Our design teams are constantly working on textile innovations that are only possible thanks to the collaboration of all departments on site in Langenthal.»
Philippe Baumann, CEO of Création Baumann
Einblick in die Textilproduktion: Webmaschine Einblick in die Textilproduktion: Qualitätskontrolle nach dem Weben

Design expertise made in Switzerland

Manufactured entirely in Langenthal, the acoustic fabrics LORD and KENT represent the sustainable, aesthetic and technological values of the Swiss company. As a specialist in the textile sector, Création Baumann has been integrating all stages of production here for over 130 years, from design and development to yarn development, dyeing and weaving. This comprehensive control enables the company to guarantee the highest quality and develop sustainable production processes.




Eliane Ernst, Product Manager

Eliane has been leading the design for Création Baumann since 1996. Since 2001, she has been responsible for assortment design in Textiles for the Contract Market, Systems and Acoustic Panels, bringing extensive expertise in functional textile solutions. Her interest has always been focused on holistic processes; from inception through product development to application. She actively engages with the interplay between architecture, space and human experience.

What demands are placed on public spaces such as offices today? How can fabrics play an important architectural role here?
Offices today have to fulfil completely new requirements for flexible and multifunctional use. The office of today is no longer just a place to work, but must also create additional incentives such as identification, communication and creativity. Fabrics as flexible room dividers are the perfect solution for changing environments quickly and easily, both visually and acoustically. They offer the possibility of using hybrid environments and adapting them to current needs.

What role does the colour of textiles play in rooms?
Textiles can be used to create a cosy and warm atmosphere. They influence our well-being. We have developed the new colour additions specifically to provide interior designers with further design options. It was important for us to integrate soft and expressive nuances that create highlights, but also fit discreetly into timeless interior concepts.

How does technological expertise in textile development help to fulfil the requirements of contemporary interior design?
Technological expertise is at the heart of the Création Baumann brand. Acoustic fabrics such as LORD have a very high absorption value and can have a significant impact on room acoustics. LORD absorbs 70% of sound and, in combination with our innovative Acoustic Divider Vario, can be used to acoustically separate rooms and reduce noise.

To what extent does Création Baumann take aspects such as sustainability and environmental compatibility into account when developing new fabrics?
As a Swiss family business, environmental sustainability plays an important role for us. With all stages of development, from design to production, right on our doorstep at our factory in Langenthal, we can control sustainable processes and ensure Création Baumann’s high quality standards. We are proud to produce textiles in Switzerland to this day.

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