Glare & Heat Collection

Création Baumann presents GLARE & HEAT: a high quality and functional collection of innovative textiles for glare and heat protection.

Face - Création Baumann - Glare and Heat
With GLARE & HEAT, the Swiss textile manufacturer Création Baumann presents the further development of its successful collection of functional and high-quality textiles for glare and heat protection for the office, once again demonstrating its expertise in this field. With exciting new products and proven classics, the innovative collection offers ideal light and energy transmission without glare. At the same time, the highly functional fabrics reduce heat radiation and thus contribute to an improvement of the room climate and thus to well-being at the workplace.

The new GLARE & HEAT collection comprises 15 products and over 90 colours. The innovative highlight is the two-sided curtain FACE with double-sided fabric. The more homely CLOUD fabric and new widths for existing products complete the collection.

Products from the collection

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