Curtain rails

The right rails are required in order for the properties and benefits of our textile solutions to reach their full potential. Curtain rails support flexibility and enable easy and convenient use.

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Curtain rails – range and technology

Création Baumann offers a wide range of curtain rails. There are six different variants for manual operation. These differ mainly in the type of textiles or systems for which they are suitable: There are, for example, curtain rails for light or heavy fabrics, for gliders or rollers. Our curtain rails with an electric track have one battery-powered model and three electrically connected models. Curtain rails with an electric track can be operated using a classic wall control, radio control or smart home control with a mobile app.
«On the ceiling or on the wall, straight or curved – the right curtain rails make our textile solutions even more flexible.»
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Curtain rails in standard colours or customised designs

All curtain rails are available as standard with an anodised aluminium or white powder coated finish. They are also available in other colours on request.

Curtain rails for every spatial setting

Our curtain rails can be installed on the ceiling or wall. The rails can also be curved. This creates further interior design possibilities: Curtain fabrics and curved rails, for example, can be used to create flexible workstations.

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