Gecko adhesive textiles

Our GECKO adhesive textiles are an innovative in-house development. They look and feel like textiles but have an adhesive coating on the back. As a result, they are self-adhesive and can be applied to smooth glass surfaces.

Hafttextilien - Création Baumann - Gecko - Sichtschutz - Fensterfolie

Gecko adhesive textiles – the system

GECKO makes it possible to apply textiles directly to smooth glass surfaces and remove them without leaving any residue – and this can be done as often as you want. For example, you can discreetly cover selected areas or individual glass surfaces with our adhesive textiles and decoratively provide glare and visual protection.
Hafttextilien - Création Baumann - Gecko - Sichtschutz - Fensterfolie

Adhesive textiles with different colours and motifs

The colour range of the GECKO products includes discreet as well as strong colours. This means that GECKO fits discreetly into the interior design or creates exciting highlights. Laser and print motifs complement the range. Choose from our range or arrange for your own motifs to be customised.
Hafttextilien - Création Baumann - Gecko in the Box - Kakteen

Gecko in the Box: Adhesive textiles with seasonal designs

You can create glass surfaces playfully with new motifs using the GECKO IN THE BOX seasonal designs. The individual products are available as multi-part sets. With subjects such as dainty flowers, summery butterflies, autumn leaves, snowflakes or Christmas stars, you can create highlights in any season. Just like GECKO, the GECKO IN THE BOX products are self-adhesive, can be removed without leaving any residue and are reusable.


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