Blackout fabrics

Play with all facets of light: Our blackout fabrics feature a host of design variants and impressive acoustic values, are easy to wash and flame-resistant.

Vorhangstoffe - Vorhang dicht - Création Baumann - Verdunkelung

Blackout fabric for flexible light control

The transparency of modern architecture brings more light into rooms, while demanding more shade and appropriate blackout possibilities. Création Baumann has specialised in this for many years and offers diverse solutions for flexible lighting control. The textiles from Création Baumann impressively demonstrate that darkness has many nuances. The blackout fabrics impress with their sophisticated functionality and the aesthetics of high-quality decorative fabrics.
«You will turn day into night with our textiles.»
Vorhangstoffe - Vorhang dicht - Création Baumann - Verdunkelung

Dim-out curtains and blackout curtains

Thanks to collections such as DIMMER, PHANTOM, MYSTERY, OSCURATINTO PL or SONIC, you can choose from a unique variety of blackout fabrics.

Discover our dim-out and blackout curtains – now with even more materials, textures, colours and designs.

Facts about blackout fabric

  • Blackout curtains offer the possibility to reduce the incidence of light (dim-out) or to completely darken a room (blackout).
  • They reduce the incidence of light through absorption (rather than reflection).
  • The colours of our blackout curtains are categorised by their blackout characteristics into light, regular and dark.


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