Acoustic Color Fields

The ACOUSTIC COLOR FIELDS textile panel system combines the highest acoustic efficiency with inspiring design possibilities – simply, beautifully and effectively.

Création Baumann Acoustic Color Fields modular acoustic panels as a colourful highlight in the meeting room.

Acoustic Color Fields – the system

A modular acoustic panel system mainly used for designing walls in a vertical direction. However, the panel system can also be suspended from the ceiling. All panels can be set up as individual elements and combined to form a larger area. The textile panel family connects five formats, six designs and a wide range of colour combinations with maximum functionality.
«Optimal acoustic efficiency with a sophisticated design – for better health and well-being.»
Acoustic panel - Colorfields - Création Baumann

Acoustic panels in various designs

ACOUSTIC COLOR FIELDS creates room for personality. The textile acoustic wall panels with a narrow structure (4.5 cm) and without visible edges are covered with CAVALLO PIU.

Available in six standard designs, the plain or multi-coloured panels can be arranged and combined in many ways. ACOUSTIC COLOR FIELDS INDIVIDUALS can even be used to design custom surface layouts. This turns panel areas into unique design products.

Acoustic panels for maximum efficiency

Our panels reduce the reverberation time of noise in a room. They offer maximum efficiency, optimum sound barrier properties and can be used in many different ways. Awarded the highest class A sound absorption level, the system is synonymous with excellent broadband absorber quality. The panels operate in a particularly wide spectrum and can effectively attenuate almost the entire frequency range of human language. Tested in a reverberation chamber and certified according to DIN EN ISO 354.

Measurement curves and certificates
Création Baumann Acoustic Color Fields modular acoustic panels as a colourful highlight in the hallway.

Wide range of colours

The CAVALLO PIU and CAVALLO MULTI fabrics offer a versatile range of plain and mottled colours. A total of 54 colours offer countless possibilities for customising panel surfaces.

*Please note that not all CAVALLO PIU colours can be used for acoustic panels. For further information, please contact our Customer Service.

Simple installation system

For any room design: Thanks to the unique rear installation panel with the four symmetrically arranged system openings, each wall panel offers maximum flexibility and easy installation. All fitting solutions are either hung or screwed into the system openings of the panels. Each solution is designed as a concealed, invisible installation and can be subsequently adjusted at any time.