Acoustic Room Divider

ACOUSTIC ROOM DIVIDER is an innovative acoustic panel system. It offers unique possibilities for structuring rooms simply, flexibly and effectively with its acoustic room dividers.

Acoustic panel - Acoustic Room Divider - Création Baumann

Acoustic Room Divider – the system

The ACOUSTIC ROOM DIVIDER is an acoustic panel system for the flexible zoning of open plan structures. It can be used on all levels of the room for sound absorption and as a sound barrier. Based on a delicate double-sided panel type, the system covers countless possibilities: Panels can be installed on tables, sideboards or on the floor as acoustic room dividers, hung from ceiling areas and connected to each other to create room-in-room sceneries. All elements can be combined with each other and can be reconfigured at any time.
«The acoustic room dividers from Création Baumann partition rooms flexibly and in countless ways.»
Acoustic panel - Acoustic Room Divider - Création Baumann

Panel type

The ACOUSTIC ROOM DIVIDER is a double-sided textile acoustic panel with a delicate sandwich construction. It is based on a double-sided shell structure with porous surface absorbers made of polyester fleece, covered with select textiles.

In addition to eight standard panel sizes and a wide range of connection elements, the well-thought-out system can be customised with free formats of up to 300 cm in length.

Acoustic efficiency

ACOUSTIC ROOM DIVIDER connects high acoustic efficiency with a delicate product design. The combination of special materials, intelligent connection technology and innovative acoustic product design ensures the impressive performance of the double-sided panel type. The highly effective broadband absorber has been tested in a reverberation chamber and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 354.

Fabrics and colours

Six acoustic fabrics from Création Baumann form the basis for the special variety of designs and can be used for covering the ACOUSTIC ROOM DIVIDER.

*Please note that not all CAVALLO PIU colours can be used for acoustic panels. For further information, please contact our Customer Service.