Newfoundland – London

Contemporary design meets functionality: curtain fabrics for the Newfoundland project.

Starting Point
The architecture firm Horden Cherry Lee has designed the Newfoundland residential skyscraper with a diamond-shaped exoskeleton structure in London’s Canary Wharf district. The 58-storey building with 72,248 square metres of space houses 636 flats, which are rented out by the Canary Wharf Group. As the tallest build-to-rent project in the UK, it aims to create more living space in the predominantly commercial district of Canary Wharf.

The design is based on Vertus’ vision to make the interiors bright, sophisticated and contemporary. Création Baumann developed a bespoke colour for LORD to achieve a refined and cohesive look. All windows are fitted with lightweight SINFONIA CS curtains to maximise privacy. In the living areas, LORD was used for all the dress curtains, with SALTO as the lining fabric. The semi-transparent SALTO fabric not only offers optimal privacy due to its chosen density and weight, but also has a custom colour that perfectly matches the overall concept. In addition, the installation of the curtains allows for energy savings of up to 14%.

Curtain fabrics by Création Baumann Reference Sheet

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