The Paritätische Welfare Association Hamburg e.V.

Aesthetic symbiosis with optimal acoustics.

  • Object

    The Paritätische Hamburg e.V – Hamburg, Germany

  • Concept

    Gerdt Architecture, Hamburg, Germany | smow Hamburg, Germany

Starting point
The premises of the Paritätischen welfare association in Hamburg were redesigned by Gerdt Architektur with the support of smow. The existing office space on the ground floor was converted into an open space office. The requirements set included improving the acoustics (reverberation time) and dividing the space for different purposes. By using light colours and natural accents, a comfortable and homely working atmosphere was created.

Through the targeted integration of ceiling sails and ACOUSTIC WALL COVER as wall absorbers, an adequate acoustic design of the room was achieved, which has a positive effect on the reverberation time. The high-quality upholstery fabric CAVALLO PIU was used. For the curtains, the semi-transparent fabric SOLIO was chosen, which not only functions as a curtain material, but also serves as a room divider and privacy screen for the different zones. The integration of cushions with the cover fabric AREZZO IV harmoniously rounds off the entire concept.



Reference Sheet
  • SOLIO 0285
  • AREZZO IV 0363
  • SOLIO 0263
  • CAVALLO PIU 0231
  • AREZZO IV 0364
  • CAVALLO PIU 0244

Textiles Used


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