SINFONIA – The soft revolution

Launched in 1978 and continuously developed until today: discover the world of the SINFONIA best-seller and classic.

Sinfonia  - Création Baumann

The idea spurred on by jörg baumann more than 40 years ago was like a revolution. In 1978 he launched a transparent curtain fabric that looked as natural as cotton but that is much easier to care for. His idea became a reality – and is still a best-seller to this day.

Sinfonia - Création Baumann

Curtain up for more

A natural touch, a cosy look – and with the best technical properties: the transparent SINFONIA curtain fabric is a versatile classic that can be used in public and private spaces.
«I was still a child when my father launched SINFONIA. We are carrying his pioneering spirit into the future with the new collection.»
Philippe Baumann, Owner

Colour diversity

SINFONIA CS offers a new colour scheme with 64 colours and therefore focuses on contemporary and future living trends that provide plenty of scope for different applications and combinations.

The new SINFONIA CS colour scheme makes it easier for architects and interior designers to furnish their rooms with textiles because the colours include the entire colour spectrum and the white tones in particular are available in different nuances. This means that curtain fabrics are easier to incorporate into a spatial design and enable the emphasis to be placed on subtle but also striking accents.

Special colours are also available on request.

Sinfonia CS - Création Baumann

Acoustics meet transparency

We have added a new product to the SINFONIA collection with the SINFONIACOUSTIC acoustic fabric that opens up new possibilities for creating the acoustics and design in a room.

One and a half years of development is behind the high-tech textile. The biggest challenge was to integrate the acoustic function as discreetly as possible into the fabric and only change the aesthetics and character as much as absolutely necessary. Several test cycles and subsequent evaluations were necessary in order to achieve an optimum result. Numerous tests with bonds and yarn combinations were carried out in the weaving workshop with dyes and finishes.

«Our goal was ambitious: Combining the naturalness and transparency of the SINFONIA classic with an acoustic function. We are delighted at how perfectly we have succeeded in achieving this.»
Eliane Ernst, Product Manager

Tested in the laboratory

The acoustic function was tested in a reverberation chamber and reverberation room in accordance with the ISO/EN standard. The meticulousness paid off: with an alpha value of 0.6, SINFONIACOUSTIC absorbs sound 6 times more effectively than classic transparent curtains.

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