Unique digital products

Anything except ordinary: Création Baumann uses digital printing to combine textile aspirations with your very personal design, from as little as 25 linear metres, to create unique products.

Digitale Unikate - Création Baumann - Inspiration
Digitale Unikate - Création Baumann - Inspiration

Anything except ordinary

Thanks to their in-house research and production, Création Baumann is able to offer customised textile designs: We use digital printing to transfer individual designs to our textiles of your choice, creating fabrics with compelling functional characteristics to ideally integrate with your private spaces.

For transfer printing processes, we print the motifs onto specially coated paper and then guide them with an unprinted textile over a heated calender roller. The heat releases the colour, making the printed fabric lightproof and washable.

Your journey to a unique piece

Whether at home, in the office or in public spaces, whether curtains, roller blinds, separating walls or acoustic panels: We offer you 17 different textiles, so you can give free rein to your creativity.

Let your individual character shine—from as little as 25 running metres. How to:

  1. Send your Design
    Send your chosen design (photo, graphic, text or logo) in digital format.
    The requirements specified below are mandatory.
  2. Select your material
    Choose one of our basic materials and send us a detailed sketch.
  3. Obtain a quote
    We will calculate the price per running metre and send you a print sample after
    we have received your information and you have approved our quote.
  4. Approve the print
    Confirm that you are happy with the pattern, costs and order volume.
  5. Enjoy your custom-printed product
    We will produce your fabric and deliver it to you on the agreed date.If you would like any further.

Information or to arrange a personal consultation on custom-printed fabrics, please
do not hesitate to contact our specialists at our sales organization.

Specials and digital prints
Digitale Unikate - Création Baumann - Inspiration

Swiss textile association, Zurich, Switzerland

The interior walls of the new meeting rooms were lined with textiles whose designs express the values of the textile association. The digitally printed tapestries lend the rooms a softness only textiles can create. The precisely printed stripe pattern symbolise the exactness of modern technology while the colour gradients are reminiscent of dynamic spontaneous screen printing.
Digitale Unikate - Création Baumann - Inspiration

Photo: Lucas Peters Photography

Digitale Unikate - Création Baumann - Inspiration

Kanton 27, Copenhagen, Denmark

The aim of Kanton 27 is to create a framework for exchange and communication in Swiss culture by presenting Swiss food, wine, design, art, music and architecture.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful old train station building from 1864 and was furnished exclusively with Swiss design.

Curtain panels serve as an acoustic solution to zone the space. The curtain was printed with a design by the Zurich design collective «Kollektiv Vier».
Digitale Unikate - Création Baumann - Inspiration
Digitale Unikate - Création Baumann - Inspiration

Kiosque des Bastions, Geneva, Switzerland

In the middle of the famous Parc des Bastions in Geneva, the eponymous café-restaurant, once a magnet for city dwellers during musical events, has regained its splendor and vibrant energy. With the aim of bringing this historic building back to life, Studio Julia Christ designed a spatial, functional and aesthetic upgrade based on the architect's initial plans. The SECRET blackout fabric was used to create a flowing room separation that captivates with its visual lightness and sustainably improves acoustics.
Digitale Unikate - Création Baumann - Inspiration
«A whole wealth of functions: You can choose from a total of 17 textiles for printing – whether transparent or flame-retardant, with glare or thermal protection, as blackout or adherent, whether roller blind or acoustic fabrics.»

Everything is possible

Whatever your design: Our expertise, technology and large selection of high-quality base fabrics ensure that virtually every request can go into production – in the exceptional textile and print quality you can expect of Création Baumann.

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