Roman blinds

Roman blinds look very natural due to their organically soft drop. This way, they create a homely atmosphere. Thanks to their sophisticated technology, they are easy to operate.

Raffvorhang - Création Baumann - Schlafzimmer - Verdunklung

Roman blinds – the system

Our system solutions offer numerous possibilities in textile interior design. The Roman blinds look most natural due to their organic drop. The system works vertically and pulling the cord enables the user to create a finely graduated stack. The Roman blinds therefore provide glare and visual protection in increments. Two styles offer different design possibilities.
Raffvorhang - Création Baumann

Roman blinds – from transparent to opaque

Many textiles from our range are suitable for the production of Roman blinds. There are transparent and opaque textiles, different textures and plain or patterned designs to choose from.
«Interior shading that falls softly and looks natural – our Roman blinds are functional and create a homely atmosphere.»

Roman blinds with a function

Our Roman blinds combine homeliness with functional features. You can choose acoustic fabrics, blackout fabrics or textiles for glare and heat protection from our range.

Roman blinds – sizes and technology

Our Roman blinds are custom-made in standard and special sizes. They are manually operated by drawing, with or without cords or have an electric track. Roman blinds with an electric track can be operated using a classic wall control, radio control or smart home control with a mobile app.


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