Vertical blinds

With the vertical blinds from Création Baumann, room light can be precisely controlled, even with extreme angles of incidence. The system also works in tricky areas such as inclined or curved surfaces.

Vertikallamellen - Création Baumann - Vitra

Vertical blinds – the system

Vertical blinds provide visual protection and control the incoming light flexibly and precisely. They can be adjusted vertically in increments and can even respond to extreme angles of incidence. It is easy to use them on horizontal, inclined or curved surfaces. This means that textile solutions can also be applied to non-standard surfaces. The vertical blinds are easy to operate together with our technical solutions.

Vertical blinds – from transparent to opaque

The range of vertical blinds extends from transparent to opaque textiles. This includes plain and patterned blinds. The designs extend over the individual slats and can be increased as desired over the number of slats. Our laser designs also cast an exciting interplay of light and shade into the room.
«Thanks to our vertical blinds, daylight can be precisely controlled – even with extreme angles of incidence.»
Vertikallamellen - Création Baumann

Vertical blinds with a function

Our range of vertical blinds also includes functional textiles that enhance rooms acoustically, provide glare and heat protection, darken rooms or have a flame-retardant effect.

Vertical blinds – sizes and technology

Our vertical blinds are custom-made in standard and special sizes., They are easy to remove and are washable. They are manually operated by cord or chain or have an electric track. Vertical blinds with an electric track can be operated using a classic wall control, radio control or smart home control with a mobile app.


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